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Psychic Surgery Teacher & Master Energy Healer 

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Dale has over 10 years of experience as a psychic surgery teacher and healer. Known for his unique mastery of energy healing with a definitive element of shamanic expression, his unique work on ancestral healing and psychic surgery results in amazing outcomes for his clients. 

Previous Event Gatherings

Never give up on yourself, The Grandmothers & Grandfathers are with you -  Dale Tobin

Upcoming Events


Psychic Surgery Online Training

16th,17th February 5pm UK time - 8 PM UK time 

Training will be online via Zoom


Peacekeeper & Bone Dreamer Retreat

30th July 2023

11am - 6pm BST

Day retreat in York


Psychic Surgery In Person Training

24th February 9.30am-6.30PM

Crystal Buddha, Knaresborough

TESTIMONY "Dale has the unique ability, as a Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, to perform very advanced Psychic Surgery and is able to share this in a very profound way on his teaching courses. Having recently completed one of his Psychic Surgery courses I was blown away by how deep his teaching goes and how anyone who is interested in energy healing from whatever modality can benefit. I thoroughly recommend his courses whether you are already a practitioner of the healing arts or are looking for a modality to learn that has outstanding results." - Laura Massey

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