Winter Solstice ceremony with Dale & James

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Hello consciousness traveller!

Hello consciousness explorers!

I would like to invite you to a special event for the celebration of the change of seasons as we welcome the winter solstice!

This special co- creation with Dale and James and will be a chance for you to heal and go into the deep layers of self-nurturing.

The evening will begin with an opening of a sacred space. In which the 7 directions will be called in with a special solstice prayer which includes light language.

James will then be taking you on a deep journey with the breath. Where we move into a Shamanic Breathwork journey. Consciously connecting with our breath using the technique of holotropic breathwork, is an incredibly healing practice, which can bring about profound healing in the body, and mind, by amplifying the prāṇa life force energy.

James will then be preforming a live ambient guitar sound bath, featuring some music from his album 'Ambient Drones I : Thoughts of Eden' where the gentle tones and music will allow you to move into a beautiful place of inner peace, for rejuvenation and healing.

During the performance, Dale will be doing a group psychic surgery, which includes soul retrieval and anatomy light generation. There will also be a group reading at the end.

After some processing Dale Will guide us and create a drumming circle. This is a chance to let loose and celebrate with with the heartbeat connection and create some sacred rhythm! There will be a few spare drums and rattles. Please bring one if you have one.

The cost per ticket is £45 per person for this unique healing experience. There is a special offer for 2 bookings together at £80 (£40 each).

For bookings please Email :

or message Dale Tobin on Facebook!


THURSDAY 20th December

6 PM – 9 PM  

Huntington Community centre, York


The cost of the ceremony is £45 pp.


This is an incredible price for what promises to be a transformational evening and there are limited spaces available.

I look forward to sharing sacred space with you.

With love


Pay via PayPal : Pay as friend option to or email me for bank details.