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My experience of the Psychic Surgery workshop

Hello! I would like to write my experience of running my first #psychicsurgery #workshop in #york. I had 9 fellow students who came onto the workshop. The weekend started out with opening the space and learning about the 7 directions. It has taken me around 7 months to fully create this course. I have designed it for not only people who want to learn #psychic #surgery. This workshop is designed to help the student learn about working with self-healing and self-love. So many people get overwhelmed with the #spiritual journey and it gets too much. I went into detail about the ways of keeping a balanced schedule and how to remain grounded on the #spiritual path. The first weekend of the workshop was super fun! with giggles and laughter filling the weekend. The #psychic #surgery work was outstanding. I look forward to the next weekend of teachings and learning even more! For more details, it's on the workshop page. I am so grateful for this #healing path.

If you're interested in learning #psychicsurgery , drop me a message More information on this website!

with love

Dale Tobin- Symmetry of health

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