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Not everything is about spirituality

I have learned throughout the many years on the #spiritualjourney that it's important not to get my head lost in the clouds with it all. 6 years ago, I used to be quite obsessed with the #spiritual life. I got overwhelmed a lot with it all because all I did was think about #spirituality and do practices. I started to take 1 day off a week from any #spiritual practice. This helped me understand my obsession with the #journey and how unhealthy it was. I found it hard at first to switch off! All I wanted to do was think about something spiritual. The weeks of having that 1 day off, made me separate myself from the #shamanic journey I was on. I then started to make sure there was balance in my practice. I still remembered to be a human and made sure I did things non #sprirtual as well. When I remembered to not be #spiritual 24-7 i started to grow as a human and feel more grounded on the journey as a #psychicsurgeon healer. Taking that little bit of time off is so beneficial. I Highly recommend it! I am now 31 and I live in #york and I can finally say, I am not overloaded with the practice, as I make sure I don't get obsessed with the work!

Take time OFF.....

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