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Swan -Synchronicity experience - My Story

I had to share this picture of swans from goosemoore nature reserve . It reminded me of a experience I had last spring . I had some news which changed my life forever. I went for a walk when the sun started to set . I walked through near the river Foss (which is a really small river ). I saw a deer running across the farmers crop over the river . It’s the first time I have seen a deer in that area next to my house . I then looked to the sun setting and I could see a swan coming down towards me . I have been here for years and never see any swans or wildlife on the river itself next to my house . The Swan was huge and it just looked at me and continued down the river so elegant and smooth . I had a big moment of understanding this was synchronicity. The deer was to remind me to not fear the future , as everything will be just fine on my way to the great spirit lodge . The swan was to show me that life always changes and onto the next stage of the story , as the swan carried on down the river , it made me understand the meaning of life experience and the constant movement of cycles and lessons. This memory came back to me as I saw this outstanding picture !

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In love & friendship

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