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What is Psychic Surgery?

There's a lot of false information about #Psychic Surgery out on the internet. Let's set a few things straight. You cannot remove something physically out of someone's body. There has been a lot of people scamming and this has caused a negative view on the psychic surgery word. #Psychic Surgery is where you are working with the multidimensional aspects of the client. It's a process where the practitioner, sets up a safe space for the client to feel relaxed. The practitioner then scans the body and starts to impress light into the clients energy field and organs. The role of a #psychic #surgeon is to be able to bring forth, what the client needs at will. It's about thinking multidimensional with each person's needs met. Psychic Surgery sessions include ancestral healing, which includes reading the persons energy field and understanding if anything is out of balance. One of the main tools as talked about above, is light generation. This is a process which aids the body in bringing in light, to the areas which are needed.

Want to learn #psychicsurgery?

This course is designed for those who wish to take their journey onto the next level and learn the skills of what it takes to live and breath as a psychic Surgeon.

What is psychic surgery?

There's a lot of false information about psychic surgery. From my own experience, I have never seen anyone or myself take things out of a client psychically!

Psychic Surgery is a multidimensional healing modality. Which requires the healer to look at each client and be able to be responsible for their needs and requirements.

This course is designed to teach you, how to live a grounded life as a psychic surgery healer.

The workshop will include

- Light Generation & Flushing technique

- Soul Retrieval & Entity removal

- How to scan a client

- Light Language and how to translate to

a client

- Chakra recalibration

- attunements

- Ancestral healing & Angelic healing

- Chord cutting and light body recall

- How to ground you and the client

+ Much More!

This course is not only just teaching you how to learn the skill of doing sessions, but also how to live your life in a sacred way, and what it truly takes to be a grounded psychic surgery practitioner and to not allow life to overwhelm you.

We will also be learning

- Breath work

- Contract revocations

- Fire ceremony

- How to clear the body and mind

- Letting go of clients safely

+ Much more techniques and tools for you to use in your own healing journey.

Join me as we journey to the stars and beyond!

Are you ready to advance at the psychic surgeon level?

The workshop will run on 2 weekends In York City, North Yorkshire.

Sat April 2nd 9.30am - 5.30pm

Sun April 3rd 9.30- 5.30pm

Saturday April 9th 9.30-5.30pm

Sunday April 10th 9.30- 5.30pm

and a introduction webinar lesson on Saturday 19th March 5pm on Zoom online for all the students.

The Training course will include a certificate and Booklet with all the techniques learned.

You will also be placed on the symmetry of health website and registered as a professional practitioner of Psychic Surgery!

The cost of this self investment is £745

Non- refundable deposit of £50 - £100

Instalment options available

Any questions :

I look forward to sharing this sacred journey of psychic surgery.

In love & friendship

Dale Tobin - Symmetry of health #york #reikiyork

Image : Alex Grey

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