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Why do we give up on healing?

One of the many problems, lots of people have on the #spiritual journey is giving up after a few months. It's so common, that people will go back to sleep, then awaken, and it goes on throughout the year. This is something I have dealt with. I am going to give my view on it, and how I have moved through this. So it's all great, when its butterfly and rainbows! But what happens, when the rainbows were of, and the darkness starts to come in? If you are on the path of #spirituality, you have to do inner work, and create time out to relax and remember the importance of laughter. We do have a shadow side, and this shadow side is here to teach us about duality. Remembering to love the shadow, and except it, is one of the first parts on moving forward. A lot of people, get scared of the darker side of themselves, so they move of the path of healing, back onto being asleep and that feeling of being safe. Now I am writing this, I am seeing more and more layers of why it's hard to keep up the discipline skills to stay awake. That was the hardest part for me to move through, the discipline! I had to go back to the childhood, of seeing people around me, that don't have any discipline when it comes to working on themselves. I had to work on those programs and start giving it my effort. That was the first part, the effort it took, to say NO to the shadow and the lazy side of myself, who didn't want to heal. I had to remember the #soul and who I am. It was hard, but the more and more I worked on myself, the easier it became. It changed from boring repetition, to repetition with illumination. The more I worked on myself , the easier it was. I had to push through those self defeating programs! I had to take 1 day off all together from spirituality and the work I do, as this is so important, to not loose myself to the journey. I had to remember I am still human, and have to do human stuff!! As before, I came off the path as I got overloaded. From having the 1 day off, I didn't feel overloaded anymore and really enjoyed it! anyways here's some advice from my own experience! there's so much more! I will post about, I could talk for a while about the many efforts it takes, to stay awake and enjoy the spiritual journey with a smile, and not to get over spiritual, and turn into a lightworker salad!

In love & friendship

Dale Tobin

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