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Psychic Surgery: About

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Psychic surgery online & face to face

Would you like to experience the ground-breaking transformation of a psychic surgery? 

Psychic surgery is a multidimensional healing modality. Dale will begin with scanning the clients energy field, to begin understanding what's out of balance. Dale will then begin to take away any unwanted frequencies in the client's body, and begin re-balancing the souls frequency. The session will include light generation with soul retrieval. Dale will also be in communication with your guides and guardians to translate information to the clients for their own growth and healing. The session is designed to bring the client back into a state of renewal and inspiration. Dale is a grand master energy healer who has had over 12 years experience!

SPECIAL OFFER ! £200 per session     60 minutes



Do you want to experience your very own private mentoring with grand master soul surgeon Dale? Do you want to begin to learn psychic surgery skills yourself and begin rebuilding ones reality?

Dale is offering this unique experience for you to start elevating yours own spiritual growth. The mentorship will include learning many different new psychic surgery techniques along side going through the healing system to enhance your own spiritual journey. The sessions can include past life regression and soul retrieval alongside trauma release . Each session Dale will give you spiritual counselling on how you progressing on the path of self mastery and learn the skills of becoming a balanced individual. The mentorship will also include a bonus of psychic surgery 1 workshop for download worth £500!

The ready to explore package  - 5 sessions 90 minutes £1400

The mystical seeker package - 10 session 90 minutes £2100

Email : to book your place!

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Soul & Psychic  surgery mentorship program

Past life regression training (2).png

Psychic surgery 1  is designed for those who want to begin learning the skills of psychic surgery & soul retrieval . The workshop will include 6 hours of training, which will take you onto the path of elevation and begin learning how to be a energy healing master.  The training will include 30 mins private session with Dale for a soul Audit so you can allow this training experience to go even deeper in the layers of healing and transformation. 

     Also included

  • Light Generation & Flushing technique

  • Soul Retrieval & Entity removal

  • How to scan a client

  • Light Language 

  • Chakra recalibration

  • Ancestral healing

  • Sending Psychic surgery treatments forwards in time & backwards in time.

  • self-psychic surgery

  • Psychic surgery on clients

  • Cord cutting and light body recall

  • How to ground yourself and your client

  • How to become a psychic reader  + Much More!     

  • Price £500                                          

Psychic surgery 1

To book any of the treatments above please get in touch via email or phone. / ‭07394 060745


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