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Workshops & Training

Psychic Surgery 1 


Psychic surgery 1 is designed for those who wish  to understand the incredible healing that Psychic surgery can bring to ones journey into self mastery. Psychic Surgery is a multidimensional healing tool in which doesn't have any limitations in energy healing.  This psychic surgery training is designed for those to develop their spiritual skills and move towards being a advanced psychic and energy practitioner. This course will teach you the skills required in order to live and breathe as a grounded Psychic Surgeon.

What's Included in the Training:

  • Light Generation & Flushing technique

  • Soul Retrieval & Entity removal

  • How to scan a client

  • Light Language 

  • Chakra recalibration

  • Ancestral healing

  • Sending Psychic surgery treatments forwards in time & backwards in time.

  • self-psychic surgery

  • Psychic surgery on clients

  • Cord cutting and light body recall

  • How to ground yourself and your client

  • How to become a psychic reader  

  • + Much More!

Living a Sacred Life


Learning how to be a practitioner is only half of what you need to know in order to live in a sacred way.
In order for you to become a grounded Psychic Surgery Practitioner and to not become overwhelmed, you will also learn:​

Training includes a booklet containing all of the techniques learned plus a certificate of completion. You will also be registered as a Professional Practitioner of Psychic Surgery and listed on the Symmetry of Health website.

silhouette photography of person_edited.

                                        Course dates:   16th, 17th February -9pm UK time 1pm EST

                                                             Workshop will be done over zoom 

                   Your investment:   £795 which includes FREE 30 minute psychic surgery session on booking.

                                                                        Payment plans available 

                                          Places must be secured with a non- refundable deposit of £300
                        Instalment options are available. Once payment is placed and if there's any reason you can't make                         the workshop, the money will be credited into Symmetry of Health for you to use at later date.

                                                                        Any questions please email me.

                                               I look forward to sharing this sacred journey of psychic surgery.

                                                                                  In love & friendship


                                          Past Life Regression Practitioner training - Jan/Feb 2023 - £1450










                          Want to elevate your practitioner skills? Join us as we dive into the mystical worlds of past life                                      regression, where you can learn to become a practitioner of this incredible and powerful healing modality This workshop includes 9 hours of training with  3 personal  regression sessions for you to explore your past life. 

                           This workshop is a designed to unlock your potentials of being

                          a potent past life regression therapist. In this training  you will learn many layers of this

                          incredible healing modality, as you explore the hidden realms of the past lives.  You will

                          also learn future life regression too! Drop me a email to book on!

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