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Angelic it for me?

I get questions regarding #angelicreiki , and if the student ready to take on the next level of responsibility ? For me, the answer is a simple YES! Sometimes in healing we can overcomplicate things. If the feeling feels right in your heart, then go with it! It's important to go through expansion all the time in the healing journey. We have to learn, re-learn and learn some more. One of the hardest parts of the journey, is the discipline and courage to go forward on the journey and take the next level jump onto a new experience. Go with the heart and brain working together!

#angelicreiki has helped me learn so many different areas in which I have been stuck on. It's helped me add more tools to my healing tool box. I did my #reikitraining just under 10 years ago, and it's still having a positive effect on me now. I have learnt so much since then, but I am inspired by the choice I made to learn #angelicreiki and become a #angelicreikiteacher.

Wanting a new start for 2022?

I am running a Angelic Reiki in #york for 1 & 2 degree weekend in February. Any questions, let me know. I can also do a quick taster, if you're thinking about coming.

Price of the workshop is £277

The workshop will run over 2 days

Saturday 5th February 2022 9.30- 5.30 Sunday 6th February 2022 9.30-5.30

Deposit: £100 non refundable

Address of workshop Wellbeing in York CIC The Raylor Centre James St York YO10 5BQ

For more information and questions , drop me a message

In love & friendship

Dale Tobin -Symmetry of Health

More information

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